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🤩Custom Lanyards and Name Badges🥇🥇🥇

BrandHK has an unbeatable range of custom-printed lanyards, name badges and other lanyard accessories. Wide selection of styles, colours, materials, fittings and printing.
No-Twist Lanyard
Woven Luggage Belt
Printed Luggage Belt
Cairngorm Lanyard
Ben Nevis Lanyard
Tai Mo Shan Woven Lanyard
Snowdon Dual Colour Lanyard
Kilimanjaro Lanyard
Mont Blanc Lanyard
Kinabulu Retractable Lanyard
Everest Tube Lanyard
Lanyard with Holder

🤩Custom Lanyards and Name Badges🥇🥇🥇

Custom printed lanyards are an excellent opportunity to brand your organisation. Suitable for schools, offices, events and conferences, custom printed lanyards are practical and a low cost product that make your organisation look professional. Get your custom print lanyards for Hong Kong.

Custom Lanyards for Your Office or School
Busy offices and schools often require ID cards or passes to enter the building. Custom printed lanyards make it easy for staff to carry their key card or ID so they are visible to security and always to hand. Because all of our lanyards are custom-printed to your specification, they can be any colour, different materials and with any fittings you need such as badge holders, card wallets, and more. If your logo colours are blue and white then you could have a bright blue lanyard printed with your logo and organisation name in white. Then every member of staff will be carrying the brand in and out of work.
Custom printed lanyards are great for visitors too. When visitors or customers arrive at your business you can give them a branded lanyard with their name badge. This way your customers will be carrying your brand around with them during their visit and it is very easy for them to wear the lanyard so members of staff can help them.

Custom Printed Lanyards for Conferences and Exhibitions
If you are running an event then custom printed lanyards are a great way to promote your business. If you are running a stand at an exhibition then your staff can wear branded lanyards so visitors know that staff are part of your organisation. If you are running a conference, large meeting or outdoor event, then you can provide custom-printed lanyards for all attendees. Every person at the event will have your brand in full view for the whol event. This is a very powerful way of getting customers to see your brand during the event, and afterwards if your let them keep their stylish lanyards!

How to Choose the Right Custom Printed Lanyard
There are three super-easy steps to getting the right lanyard for your needs:

  1. Pick the quantity: Our lanyards are available with minimum orders of just 500 lanyards

  2. Choose your fitting: We have a range of different fittings available, including just clips, namecard wallets, extendible hooks, and more - ask our Sales Team for full details

  3. Choose the design: Decide size of the lanyards, the colours and what you want printed. We have some tips below!

Designing the Perfect Lanyard
Desiging a branded lanyard is easy!
Which attachment do you need? If you are using them for office visitors or events where there are namecards then a namecard holder is best - there are wallets (suitable for paper or plastic). Lanyards can be given as gifts, so caribiner clips are more popular with Hong Kong customers.
To have the most impact, we recommend choosing a strong colour (or black) for the background material of your custom lanyard. The best colour to choose is one that closely matches your brand. If your brand is bright red, black and white, like HSBC, then we would recommend a bright red lanyard to match your brand. This should be printed with contrasting colours for a clear and crisp design. In the case of HSBC, using the white version of the logo on the red lanyard looks string and clear.
Try to keep your logo design simple and landscape format (because lanyards are long and thin!) Custom lanyards are basically printed textiles, so there is a slight texture of the material under the print: so if your logo has very delicate lines then these can be distorted when printed, so strong and bold designs are the best.
We recommend printing your brand name and logo for most cases so your lanyards will never go out of date. If you are running a high profile event with a lot of attendees then printed the name of the event gives visitors a sense of being more involved with the event.

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