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🤩Personalised USB Drives 💻⚡⚡

Check out our range of personalised USBs! We offer a huge range of memory sizes, styles and extra features like pre-loaded data and encryption.
Click-Action USB
Slider USB
USB with LED light
Roma USB with LED logo
Lalu USB with LED logo
Tornado USB
2 in 1 Metal USB Memory and Ballpen
Drop USB
Pebble USB
Wobbly Bob USB
Carved Wood USB
Wood Wedge USB
Wooden USB II
USB with Clip
Cortina USB pen
Streamline USB
Metal Square Eye USB
Gun Metal Loop USB
Metal Twist USB
Iron Bore USB
Micro Metal Kink USB
Carved Metal USB
Silver Three USB
Minimus USB
Metal Smoothie USB
Chinese Door USB
Key-shape USB Drive
Crystal USB
Sliding Micro USB
Micro Swing USB Drive
Swing Out Micro USB
Metal Credit Card USB
Chrome Finish Micro USB
Luxury Leather USB
Double Port Rotating USB
Double Port usb 1
Zermatt Sliding USB
Rotating 3
Slimfit USB
Verbier USB Pen
Chamonix USB Pen
Ingot Wood USB
Silver Spot USB
Stylish USB
Carabiner USB
Capsule USB
Leather n Steel USB.
Keychain Leather USB
Wedge Wood USB
Executive Leather USB
The Large Waisted USB
Gold Ingot USB
Recycled Paper USB
Window Box for USB
Plastic USB case
Blister Packing for USB.
Card USB pouch
Card USB Box
Round Metal USB Box
Metal pen case
Credit Card USB
Necklace USB
Swing Wood USB
Pill Wood USB
Keychain Wood USB
Pocket Wood USB
Leather USB
Diamond usb pen
USB Clear Cap
USB Funky Orange
USB Cyber
USB Trend
Modern USB
USB Leather 2
USB True Blue
USB Jewel
USB Flick
USB Twist and Plug
USB Twist it Round
USB Fancy
Bespoke USB`s
Touch of Class - USB
Metal USB box
Neck Strap USB
Football Shaped USB
Smoothline Wristband USB
USB with Leather case
Rotating USB
Silver or black pen USB
USB Pocket Drive
Executive USB Drive

🤩Personalised USB Drives 💻⚡⚡

In our super-connected cities you are never far from a fast internet connection. Download speeds are faster than ever, and WIFI access is usually available in every office and cafe. The humble USB was invented around 1999 so it is a quarter of a century old (which makes it an ancient relic in technology terms - Windows 98 was still clunking around, and Google was only a year old!) You would think that USBs would have retired by now. But personalised USBs are still going strong as a corporate gift. Here`s why!

Personalised USB drives are valuable
Giving gifts is an important means of building relationships. When you give corporate gifts, you show respect and value for your customers or employees. Sending an email with a link is impersonal and the recipient knows it could have been sent to 10,000 people by a marketing program. But when you give a personalised USB as a gift, the recipient knows you have made an investment in that gift and is likely to respond by investing their time. If you give it in person or send it with a handwritten note, the corporate gift will be more meaningful, and customers will feel valued and will take the time to respond. If a personalised USB is preloaded with data — such as your industry presentation, your company’s latest important white paper, or even your company’s sales credentials — then your customers are more likely to check it out.
Click-Action USB
Slider USB
Carved Wood USB

Personalised USB drives transfer data fast!
If you want to transfer large amounts of data quickly, a personalised USB is ideal. You can preload data (BrandHK can preload all your data onto each drive before delivery), so your customers or employees instantly get the data on the drive. For example, if your presentation contains 30Gb of rich media, even on a superfast connection this would take valuable time to download. Your customers may just click away and think `I`ll look at this later`. But a personalised USB has all the data to hand instantly.
Personalised USB do not need an internet connection
The truth is that most time-poor senior executives are likely to try and view your content between other pressing tasks — maybe they will grab 10 minutes on the MTR, on a plane, or on in the car, with only a laptop and, at best, a mobile connection. Don`t leave them sitting staring at a `No Internet Connection` error when trying to view your presentation: pre-loaded data on a personalised USB is available anywhere, anytime, instantly!
Wooden USB II
USB with LED light
Chinese Door USB
Lalu USB with LED logo

Personalised USB drives are extremely useful
A personalised USB is not only a means of giving your customers a sales pitch, but also a useful lightweight gift that they will use in life and work. If your co-workers are rushing out of the office and you need to give them a batch of reports before they go, or you want to share that video copy of your grandson`s birthday party, use a USB finger memory stick to securely transfer data from one device to another. Customers continue to use an keep personalised USBs for a year after they are given on average. That makes personalised USBs extremely good branding investments.
How to choose the right personalised USB
While there are many different styles of personalised USB drives, it`s easy to choose the ideal one. Start by choosing an enclosure that fits your brand - wooden, metal, illuminated, plastic...etc. Then choose the storage amount. The larger the memory, the higher the cost due to the fluctuation of the market price, so BrandHK will quote you first each time, and keep the same price for a 10-day validity period. Preloaded data, any security encryption and other software plugins are final considerations. But our Sales Team will walk your through it all. BrandHK have been selling high quality personalised USBs for over a decade - so give us a call!

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