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Shopper & Tote Bags

BrandHK`s range of shopper and tote bags gives you complete flexibility to create the ideal promotional gift. Ideal for conferences, retail promotions, or as stylish packaging for other gifts. Our range of bags includes a huge variety of sizes, colors and print options to suit every promotion and budget. Shopping bags that double up as bag for exhibition and conference functions are also offered in both non-woven and natural cotton options. Our range of non woven bags is particularly wide ranging with low cost document bags up to large portfolio bags.


“香港品牌”有大量多款不同的購物袋和手提包,客戶能夠更靈活創造出理想的促銷禮品。特別適用於會議,零售促銷,或者作為時尚禮品等的包裝推廣。 有一系列不同尺寸大小,顏色和 印刷方法的購物袋,配合您在不同場合的推廣作用。


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