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Looking for incredible low cost promotional merchandise for under SG$5.00? Look no further! Our incredible range of corporate swag for Singapore.

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RFID Card Holder
Universal Phone Strap
Kee Multi-Tool
Bamboo Eternal Pencil
USB Rechargeable Flashlight
Pop-up Paper Desk Set
Pop-up Paper Phone Stand
Lumino 5x Micro LED Torch
Stick-on Embossed Leather Pen Holder
Waterproof Phone Pouch
Personal Bag Hook
Eternal Pencil
Pocket Tool Pen
Wheat Straw Thermal Cup
Erini Eco Writing Set
Riga Ball Pen
Latvia Souvenir Pen
Finlandia Stylus Pen
Pocket Cutlery Set
Eco Personal Cutlery Set
3pc Pocket Cutlery Set
GadgetHedz Krnk Phone Stand
Face Mask Essential Oil Diffuser
No-Twist Lanyard
Bamboo Pen
Silky Eye Mask
Credit Card Multi-tool
Wooden Golf Tee
Bag Hanger
Prodir Twist Ballpoint Pen DS3
Prodir Push Ballpoint Pen DS2
Prodir Ultra Personalised Pen DS1
Adjustable Sports Mask
Printed Mask Wallet
Graphite Pencil
Cable Organizer
Lunar New Year Themed Mask
4-in-1 Magnetic Keychain USB Cable
Silicone Mask Holder
Portable Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Huggie USB Cup Warmer
Anti-microbial Reusable Face Mask
Full Colour Cooling Mask
Full Colour Replaceable Filter Mask
Personal Cutlery Set
All Over Print Cooling Towel
Sticky Notes with Ruler
ECO Cutlery Set
Natural Wood Key Chain
Adjustable Phone Rest
Bluetooth Smart Tracker
Sentinel Fast Charge Data Blocker
Cambridge Phone Stand
Wheat Straw Pen
Recycled PET pen
Coffee Pen
Pine-cone Pen
Chico Corn Pen
PocketBac Sanitiser Gels
Coral Stylus Highlighter Pen
Ooblong Glasses Case
Full Colour Pencil Case
Full Colour Screen Cleaner
Key Wizard
Triangle Butterfly Clip
5-in-1 Stationery Jar Set
Mondria Whiteboard Jotter Set
Slim Round Mirror
StrawBot Reusable Straw
My Little ECO Straw
ECO Reusable Drinking Straws
Acapulco Prestige 400 Sunglasses
YaYa Phone Wallet
Handi Phone Stand
Sheya Phone Stand
Osaka 4 in 1 Charging & Sync Cable
Upnorth Bottle Opener
PU A6 Soft Cover (stitched) Notebook
PU A6 Soft Cover (glued) Notebook
PU A6 Hard Cover Notebook
Eco A5 Soft Cover (glued) Notebook
Eco A6 Hard Cover Notebook
Eco A6 Soft Cover (glued) Notebook
Stylus Pen with Mobile Stand
Clippi One Piece Cable Manager
Snappi One Piece Cable Manager
Spinni Cable Organiser
Hex Stylus Thin Twist Metal Ballpen
Sari Stylus Twist Metal Ballpen
Europa Stylus Ballpen
Sari Thin Stylus Twist Metal Ballpen
Hex Stylus Twist Metal Ballpen
Claw Stylus Twist Metal Ballpen
Peri Stylus Twist Metal Ballpen
Pino Stylus Twist Metal Ballpen
Webcam Security Cover
Bloa Twist Metal Ballpen
Dial Twist Metal Ballpen
Sari Twist Metal Ballpen
Sari Thin Twist Metal Ballpen
Pegi Twist Metal Ballpen
Atten Twist Metal Ballpen
Peps Push Action Metal Ballpen
Soo Twist Metal Ballpen
Claw Twist Metal Ballpen
Glad Thin Twist Metal Ballpen
Nolo Twist Metal Ballpen
Clas Metal Push Action Ballpen
Skil Metal Push Action Ballpen
Corpy Push Action Ballpen
3-in-1 Keychain Universal USB Charger Cable
Double Size Water Resistant Pouch
Pencil Case
ONYX Mobile Phone Stand with Cleaner
Engraved Aluminium Gel Ink Pen
A5 Zippered Pouch
Senator A6 Notebook
A4 Zippered Mesh Pouch
A5 Zippered Mesh Pouch
Small Zippered Mesh Pouch
Compact Sticky Notepad
Skipping Rope
BeatStreet Travel Storage Case
Dinger Round Travel Storage Case
Wristband Data Cable
2 in 1 Retractable Cable
Keychain Charging Cable
Swiss Army Charger and Connector
Wristband Data Cable
Building Block Calendar
Bandana - Silk Screen Printing
Hotel Pen
Mobile Phone Pouch
Hot/Cold Pack
Hot/Cold Gel Eye Mask
Silicone Luggage Tag
Coaster with Bottle Opener
Rugby Stress Ball Keychain
Bang Sticks
Mobile Phone Key Ring
Can cooler - Multi Colour Print
Sporty Waist Belt Bag
Crystal Pen Box
Rectangle Crystal Pen Box
Limpopo Stylus Pen
Table Pen
Carton Opener with Key Ring
Sports Mobile Pocket
Stylish Manicure Set II
Pocket Manicure Set
Sports Towel
Pet Waste holder with Flashlight
USB Drive Fan
Keychain Bottle Opener Mobile Stand
Data Cable Key Ring
Snap-lock Cooler Bag
Bookmark Pen
Very Sticky Pad
Io Ballpoint Pen
Ganymede Ballpoint Pen
Europa Ballpoint Pen
Mercury Ballpoint Pen
Saturn Ballpoint Pen
Multifunctional Pen
Triangle Torch
Touchscreen Water-resistant Mobile Pouch
Utensils in Pouch
Smart Mobile Wallet with Stand
Highlighter pen
Pack16 Regency Box range
Smartphone holder with strap (large)
Regency standard pen box
New Square Metal Keyring
Printed Luggage Belt
Wooden Colourful Pencil Set
Congo Stylus pen
Tri-colour pen with Stylus
Memo Sticky Pad with Pen
Gel Hot/Cold Pack
Simple Coaster
3 Hooks
Rainbow Hooks
Sunglasses Pouch
Silicone Mobile Pocket
Bookmark with Magnifier and Ruler
Big Magnifier with Bookmark
Phone Holder with Coin Bank
Small Hand Clappers
Mars Pen
Bristol pen
New Manicure Set with Key Chain
Tote bag - non woven
Snap-On Foldable Water Bottle
ipod shape Tape Measure with Light
Rectangle Key Light
Recycled Crayon Set
Gel Highlighter
Flower Highlighter
2 in 1 Pencil Sharpener
Desktop Stationery Set
PP Sticky Notes with Bookmark and Ruler
Aluminium Luggage Tag
Luggage Tag
Rectangle Metal Coded Lock
Ipad stand
Retractable Earbuds
Coin Bank II
Tablet/ipad stand
Inflatable Pillow
Avon Aluminium Pen
Eco Bamboo Ball Pen
A4 PVC File Bag
A4 File Holder
Recycled Sticky Note Binder
Jupiter Pen
Venus Pen
PU Memo Holder
Recycled Notebook
Metal Flashlight 🔦
Memo Holder with Calendar
Turning Pill Dispenser
Round Pill Box
Bone Shaped Dog Waste Bag Holder
Pack12 Regency Pen Box
Pack02 Regency Box Range
Pack01 Regency Box Range
Cairngorm Lanyard
Ben Nevis Lanyard
Tai Mo Shan Woven Lanyard
Snowdon Dual Colour Lanyard
Kilimanjaro Lanyard
Mont Blanc Lanyard
Kinabulu Retractable Lanyard
Everest Tube Lanyard
Lanyard with Holder
Foldable Water Bottle
Ultra Thin Mouse Pad
Notepad Mouse Pad
CD Rom Holder Mouse Pad
Custom Shape Mouse Pad
Picture Frame Mouse Pad
Mouse Pad Desk Set
Durable Round Mouse Pad
Budget Rectangle Mouse Pad
Durable Rectangle Mouse Pad
Warwickshire Non Woven Bag
Pocket Poncho
Foldable Fan
Back Scratcher & Shoe Horn
Multi Function Tape Measure
Stationery Set I
Bulldog Clip
Shanghai Pen
Cell Phone Cleaner
Glasses Pouch
Pocket Glasses Cleaner
Luggage combination lock
Bottle Opener with Keyring
Folding Lint Brush
Cicada Sunglasses Clip
Key Light with Bottle Opener
Round Tape Measure
Comma Shape Tape Measure with Ballpen
Round clip
Jumbo Clip
Puzzle Ruler
Rectangle Puzzle
Ruler 30cm/12 inches
Magnifying Ruler
Credit Card Magnifier
Magnifying Bookmark
Pill Box - 6 compartments
Pill Box with Cutter
Simple Pill Box
Bandaid Dispenser
Gel Ink pen
Tape Measure Pen
Amazon pen
Niger Ball Pen
Danube Pen
Tiber Ball Pen
3 in 1 Sticky Notes Holder
Multi Functional Sticky Holder
7 colour Sticky Notes
PP Notebook Small Size
Window Box for USB
Plastic USB case
Blister Packing for USB.
Card USB pouch
Card USB Box
Round Metal USB Box
Metal pen case
Smartphone Pouch
Smartphone Holder with Strap
Adult`s Wristband
Children`s Wristband
Smartphone Case
Golf Ball Caddy
Water Bottle Holder
Small Glasses Strap
Reflective Pop Wrist Band
Reflective wrist band
Fold up Frisbee
8cm Carabiner - Revised Prices!
Aluminum Bottle and Can Opener
Eco Pen
Can Coolers - silk screen print
Magnetic Bookmarks
Suffolk Non Woven Shopper
Metal USB box
Coloured Wristbands
Can Coolers
Full Colour AdFan (low cost!)
Full Colour UDesign Keychain
Full Colour UDesign Fridge Magnet
Standard Tour Golf balls
Memo pads
Bamboo Eternal Pencil
Pop-up Paper Desk Set
Pop-up Paper Phone Stand
Eternal Pencil
Wheat Straw Thermal Cup
Erini Eco Writing Set
Pocket Cutlery Set
Eco Personal Cutlery Set
3pc Pocket Cutlery Set
Bamboo Pen
Wooden Golf Tee
Prodir Twist Ballpoint Pen DS3
Prodir Push Ballpoint Pen DS2
Graphite Pencil
Silicone Mask Holder
Personal Cutlery Set
Sticky Notes with Ruler
ECO Cutlery Set
Wheat Straw Pen
Recycled PET pen
Coffee Pen
Pine-cone Pen
Chico Corn Pen
StrawBot Reusable Straw
My Little ECO Straw
ECO Reusable Drinking Straws