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EXCLUSIVE: Offset your carbon footprint with BrandHK

BrandHK is the only corporate gifts company to tell you the carbon footprint for your order, and you can offset those emissions through us. Offsetting your carbon footprint is easy: your sales person will offer the chance to purchase offsets when they give you a quote.

We will then order the offset and give you a unique link to a permanent digital certificate so that your end-users and stakeholders can see the details of the offset. This link can be produced as a QR code to be printed on a sticker or the actual product, making it easy to demonstrate that the product is carbon neutral.

1 Reduce your footprint
1 Reduce your footprint

We quote the carbon footprint of every product. You can choose the products that achieve your business goals with the least impact on the planet.

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2 Offset emissions
2 Offset emissions

Where you can't reduce your emissions, you can purchase carbon credits. These fund carbon-reducing projects around the world.

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3 Tell your customers
3 Tell your customers

Share your offset certificate with customers using a unique link or QR code that you can print on the product. Click below to see an example!

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Carbon offsets are not a silver bullet, but they are an important feature in decarbonising the global economy. Carbon offsets are a part of our Environment strategy and are a step on the path to achieving fully carbon-neutral business activities by 2030.

How offsets work

Carbon offsetting is the purchase of carbon credits, generally in an amount equivalent to the carbon emissions that a lifestyle or business has created. After making every effort to reduce emissions as much as possible, purchasing carbon credits is a way to be accountable for a climate impact and to take climate action that helps to reduce overall global emissions.

A carbon credit, sometimes called a carbon offset, represents the certified future reduction or removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) from the atmosphere. To try and put this into context, one tonne of CO2 is the equivalent to the average monthly carbon footprint of someone living in Europe.

At BrandHK, we offer customers the ability to offset the emissions caused by the production and delivery of their order.

How to use offsets responsibly

Offsets work as part of a wider strategy: when you have tried to reduce your emissions as much as possible, then offsets can be used as a way to fund other activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere in the global economy. For offsets to have integrity, they must fund decarbonisation that is new and would not have happened otherwise. They must also be measurable so we know that they have had the offsetting effect intended.

Buying into tree-planting schemes makes for good marketing, but there are serious reputational risks for customers who opt for this approach.

At BrandHK we are using offsets as part of a wider strategy which will reduce emissions. These are detailed in our Environment strategy, but include giving customers the ability to choose lower-carbon products, improving our range of low-impact products and helping our suppliers to become less impactful.

Gold Standard

Our offsetting partner: Gold Standard®

We have selected Gold Standard® as our offsets partner.

Gold Standard offers the most robust quality control of projects from all other options, and fully certify and monitor their projects. This gives us confidence that, when we buy an offset, it will deliver the impact and future reductions in emissions that it claims. This process also means there is no “double-counting” and that emissions reductions are real.

The Gold Standard certification process was developed through close collaboration between technical and policy experts from civil society, governments, multilateral organisations and the private sector. Gold Standard is endorsed by 80+ international NGOs and with more than 1,400 projects in 80 countries undergoing certification. The Gold Standard has become the global benchmark for the highest integrity and greatest impact in climate and development initiatives.

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