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Chili Gift Sets
RewardsPLUS Gift Set
As low as

Production Time: 28 days

DigiBOOM Gift Set
As low as

Production Time: 21 days

Senator Gift Set
As low as

Production Time: 28 days

PartnershipPLUS Gift Set
As low as

Production Time: 28 days

Business Traveller Gift Set
As low as

Production Time: 28 days

ImpactPLUS Gift Set
As low as

Production Time: 28 days

OMO Executive Gift Set
As low as

Production Time: 28 days

Business Traveller Plus Gift Set
As low as

Production Time: 28 days

Chili Gift Sets

Whether you are looking to attract new talent or carry your brand to high-value customers, this range of exclusive gift sets will deliver your message with impact. Each gift set combines exciting and desirable gifts with elegant packaging for the ultimate branding opportunity. From the first moment of surprise and delight, clients will treasure these gifts. The Chili Gift Set range is available exclusively in Hong Kong through BrandHK.


無論您是想吸引新人才,還是想把您的品牌帶給高價值客戶,這一系列獨家禮品套裝將會傳達強有力的信息。每一套禮品都集結令人心動和神往的禮品,優雅的包裝帶來最大化的品牌效應。從第一個驚喜和喜悅的時候開始,您的客戶將好好珍惜這些禮品。 辣椒概念禮品套裝系列於香港只在BrandHK有售。

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